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What to do after you’ve visited



Calvary Connect

Calvary Connect lunches are for all—whether you have been at Calvary for 20 years or just a couple of weeks.

We are excited about how God is at work in our church, the Oak Park community, and around the world. We use these gatherings to share updates and introduce you to the many ways you can get connected at Calvary, all while enjoying a delicious meal.

Calvary Connects are also a great way to connect with our congregation, pastors, staff, and elders over table fellowship. This offers the opportunity to become known and know others and to get involved in the life of the church.




Christianity 101

What is the core of the Christian Faith? We believe that this question can be answered by examining the story of the Gospel. In this one session, foundational class we examine how the living creator God has done, and is doing, something incredibly profound in our world to reveal his love.

Who should attend? This class is for anyone who is curious, frustrated, hopeful, discouraged, joyful, skeptical, thankful, discontent, or doubtful about life. This class is not just geared for Christians, nor is it geared only for non-Christians. This class is for everyone!





Baptism is a profession of our faith, a sign of our regeneration, and the ordinance by which we are formally welcomed into the Church. Learn more about Baptism and sign up for a baptismal interview through the "Get Baptized" link.


A recap of a recent baptism service.

 Get Baptized



Calvary 101

Calvary 101 is a class that sets you on the path to deep and lasting connection and rootedness at Calvary. This class casts the vision and mission of Calvary and how you can become a part of that mission of making Jesus Christ known in Oak Park and around the world. Would you like to learn more about Calvary? Are you interested in becoming a member? This class is a prerequisite for anyone seeking membership.





Against all the preconceptions of our culture, being under healthy authority is a good thing. Christians thrive when they submit themselves to elders in the church.

If you are looking for spiritual leadership in your life, consider becoming a member. Membership is a great way to move past “going with” the church into a deeper level of comittment to its people, leaders, and health.