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Making Jesus Christ known around the world

A Rich Heritage, an Exciting Future


We began in 1915. By 1920, members of Calvary were already supporting four missionaries. By 1927, the Oak Park congregation sent ten families and singles to various parts of Africa, Europe and Central America.

The call to share the love of Christ around the world was established from the very beginning.

The call to share the love of Christ around the world was established from the very beginning. We prioritized being witnesses for Christ in a local community, cross-culturally, and internationally. What a rich heritage of local and international missions!

Today we support forty-one families and singles that serve in such diverse ministries as Child Evangelism Fellowship in the inner city of Chicago, military and student ministries here and other places in the US and church planting in South America, Central America, Germany, Siberia, Indonesia, India, East Asia and North Africa. Our missionaries are teaching college level Bible courses, running businesses with the goal of discipleship, starting Christian schools, working with HIV patients, building up local churches and much more.

Our mission is to make Jesus Christ known in Oak Park and around the world. May God allow us to continue in this mission with the same passion to reach the world that began in 1915.














Meet our Local & Global Missions Staff


Every person who follows Christ is called to be a witness of Christ and part of God’s global mission. For some people this will mean shaping their entire vocation around that calling. At Calvary we are eager to recruit, support, and develop those who are considering the possibility of a vocational missional calling.

Vocational missionaries are scattered ambassadors who weave together the many threads of God’s dominion in the world.

Perhaps you are interested in exploring what it would look like to be a vocational missionary. We have a three step development process toward that direction.


The first step has a wide door. This first step is our Short Term calling. During the Short Term you will have the opportunity to explore what God is doing around the world and how your life can intersect with that. This stage is defined by exploration and learning.

Whether looking to participate in a Calvary-led short term missions trip or seeking support for a trip you are taking with another agency, the process begins with the completion of our Short Term Missions Application.



The second step is the Mid Term. While fulfilling the Mid Term you will receive more hands on opportunities to serve with supervision. This time will function much like a student-teacher requirement or a medical residency. The idea is to begin taking on responsibilities along with experienced supervision. This stage will be focused on finding your particular gifts.

For more information on Mid Term opportunities and the application process, contact Pastor Manfred Karolyi.


The final step is to be an approved Long Term worker. As a Long Term worker you will have on-going intentional relationship with Calvary in a variety of ways. A deepening relationship between the vocational missional worker and the local church is essential for the success of both.

If you are pursuing a vocational missionary career and are seeking Calvary's support, please complete our Long-Term Vocational Missionary Application.

Watch our video featuring the Lesniewski Family, Calvary's newest long-term vocational missionaries, commissioned in 2017.



Have questions? Contact Pastor of Local and Global Outreach, Manfred Karolyi at