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Dinner for 8

Friday, June 21, 2019, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Are you new to Calvary? Have you been attending for a while, but want to meet others? Sign up either to host or attend one of our upcoming Dinner for 8 gatherings. (June 21, July 19, or August 16)

Dinner for 8 provides a friendly, informal means for Calvary members and attenders to meet one another, enjoy a delicious meal, and have a sweet time of fellowship. The hope is for you to meet new people across the Calvary family. This is not a gourmet dinner club, but an opportunity to strengthen and deepen the relationships between those who attend Calvary.

The dinner groups will be comprised of members from any of the cities, towns, and villages in which those attending Calvary reside and will not be isolated geographical groups.

Have fun and enjoy your time together! Here are the details:

  • Registration will be online and each month we will also have a table in the portico for in-person registration. The first opportunity for this will be June 2.
  • Dinners for 8 are for adults only
  • Each host provides their home for dinner, an entrée and beverages for eight people, and decides who brings the appetizers, vegetable/salad, and dessert for the meal.
  • Guests will be asked by the host to bring one of the following: appetizers, vegetable/salad or dessert for eight people.
  • Groups will meet at 7PM one of the following Fridays:  
    • June 21
    • July 19
    • August 16
  • Select your date preference on the Online Registration Form (below)

June 4 Update: Please note that we have our Host homes set for the June 21 Dinners. We'd love to have you join one of these dinners. Sign up below.

If you have questions, contact Pastor Jonathan Cummings at .  


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(Please note, this form may be used to register for any of the
upcoming Dinner for 8 dates: June 21, July 19, or August 16)