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Summer 2019

Dear Calvary Family,

Thank you for supporting me in my service in East Asia this summer! Your gift helped extend the Gospel to college students on the other side of the world who have never heard its good news. When my team and I first arrived on the campus that we lived and did ministry, we were let loose to make new friends. Because I enjoy sports so much, that is where I started—I quickly found the basketball courts, the table tennis gym, and even the rock-climbing wall. It was amazing to see how the East Asian students that I met were so excited to make a “foreigner” friend and get to know me more. This proved important in sustaining relationships and eventually sharing my faith.


Trevor Hoogendoorn Short-term trip 1


As the six weeks continued on, I started growing closer and closer to my new friends. After each time hanging out with a friend—whether over dumplings, table tennis, or a trip to the movies—I got to know each person more and more. My friends were always curious to know more about me too. After asking each friend about his faith (or more often, his lack of faith), I was able to share my faith with him. It was incredible to see my friends’ eyes physically open wide as I told them about the truth of the Gospel and the hope that it offers.


I want to tell you about one of my favorite stories from the trip. My friend who I’ll call Thomas had just graduated a few days earlier and was excited and proud to spend his last day in the city with me. I had planned on eating lunch with him and saying goodbye. But God had different plans. After lunch Thomas asked, “so where are we headed now?” After confirming that he really wanted to spend his last day with me, we decided on seeing Toy Story 4. The plan was to watch it in English; however, Thomas accidentally bought tickets to a showing in his language. After a minute of confusing talk out of Buzz and Woody, we laughed out of the theater and found a showing an hour later. Thomas then shocked me by happily saying, “well now we can get a drink at McDonald’s and you can tell me more about God!” Shocked, I joyfully thanked the Lord for the opportunity and proceeded to answer his thoughtful, challenging questions about why I believe in God—questions about science and faith, how the Bible developed, and how to follow Christ. I thank God to this day for opening the door to this conversation that has led Thomas to begin reading the Bible (he now says he uses it to de-stress after work!)


Trevor Hoogendoorn Short-term trip 2


This trip reminded me of the necessity for Christian community in everyday life and how God can manifest himself there. I love that the people we engaged with the Gospel now have the chance to receive Christ through faith.


Thank you for being a part of the team of supporters that sent me to East Asia. It was amazing to see lives changed because of the Lord’s work through my team and me. I thank God for the work He is doing in East Asia. Please pray that His Kingdom would continue to grow despite the growing obstacles in the country.

Thankfully, Trevor Hoogendoorn