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Location: Honduras

Time of service: 1954 - 2018

Agency: Camino Global

Ministry Summary

Martha Peaslee was born in Honduras to missionary parents. Her high school, Bible school and college ears were spent in the States. In June 1955 Martha returned to Honduras which she considered “home” to continue working with the Central American Mission and her father. It was while visiting small churches on muleback that Martha felt call to minster to the needs of Sunday School teachers. Martha organized workshops and a camping program. Martha and her co-worker, Edith Peters, have worked since 1963 in Tegucigalpa. Their ministry included visitation, evangelism, workshops for Sunday School Teachers, camping programs, Vacation Bible Schools, correspondence lessons, student hostels (in their home), Christian education classes, liaison work between government and mission personnel, and helping and counseling those in need. Martha worked in administrative support in a local Christian school for many years before she retired in 2018.

How did your partnership with Calvary help you be more effective in your work?

I can never fully express what your prayers and support all these years have meant. Calvary's backing can't be duplicated. I do thank you and the Lord.

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