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Let's Pray

Praying for Calvary


The Charge


Nothing of lasting worth will be accomplished through us apart from a prayerful and earnest dependence on the Lord. We will labor (as we must) but the Lord is the one who builds the tower. If we would see the power of the Living God unleashed among us and through us, we must pray!

"I've become increasingly convinced that we need to pray more often, and more earnestly, than we do. If this whole enterprise is ultimately decided on the depth of my gifting or your gifting, we're not going to make it. Oh, we might accomplish some nice, benign things. But we won't be able to accomplish anything of eternal significance apart from a powerful movement of God's Spirit. And that’s not going to happen apart from a tangible commitment to pray." 
—Pastor Gerald Hiestand


Prayer Opportunities

While each of us can and should be praying individually, we also want to encourage the body to come together in this practice by providing a variety of opportunities to join in corporate prayer for our church. Check out one or more of the following:

1. Become a Prayer Partner

At the end of 2018, Pastor Gerald encouraged the congregation to join him in committing to pray for Calvary on a weekly basis. Signing up below will ensure that you receive periodic updates from Pastor Gerald including specific Calvary related prayer requests. You will be united with others in the congregation as you bring these requests before the Lord.

  Sign the Calvary Prayer Pledge ›  

2. Pre-Service Prayer

Join us in the Sanctuary at 8:30AM on Sunday mornings to bring the morning's services and ministries before God, seeking His presence, guidance, and blessing. This time is led by Pastor Gerald and concludes by 8:45AM.

3. Prayer During Services

We are resuming the practice of praying during the Sunday morning church services. The focus of our prayers will be:

  • Praying for the church service in progress
  • Praying specially for the teaching Pastor
  • Praying for the needs of the church
  • Praying through the prayer lists that will be provided
  • Praying for other needs presented to the prayer team

Copies of suggested praying points and prayer lists will be provided in the Prayer room.

We will be opening a Prayer Room—Room 218 (West Wing)—during both the 9 and 10:45AM services. It is our desire to have prayer volunteers in this room for every service. If you are interested in joining this team of prayer warriors, please complete the form below, indicating your service (9 or 10:45AM) and week of the month availability.

(Please note that at this time, the prayer room is not accessible for those unable to climb stairs.)

  Prayer Room Sign Up ›  

4. Wednesday Night Worship & Prayer


Join us for worship-based prayer as we sing and pray through the Psalms, taking our cues directly from the praise and prayers of the Bible.  This is a powerful time of being refreshed by God’s word.


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