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Children: Abby, Caleb, and Caitlyn

Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia

Time of service: Since 2000

Agency: SIM

How has God brought you to where you are today?

We first arrived in Bolivia in 2000. God has privileged us to serve in a number of locations around the country and in a variety of ministry contexts. In 2010 we moved to the large city of Cochabamba where Paul served as director of the SIM Bolivia team and Christy taught at Carachipampa Christian School (CCS) It was originally a school for missionary kids but today it primarily has Bolivian students. During the last few years many families came to the school in search of help and an education for their kids with special needs. There was a desire but not many resources to help these families. We see a ministry to special needs families as a great opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to those living and dying without the Gospel, and serving these kids and their families with an education, resources and love.

What is God doing in your immediate context?

SIM has been in Bolivia for over 100 years and has evangelized, discipled and helped meet the needs of people. Many churches were started and a denomination formed, along with camps, youth programs, radio stations, medical clinics and schools. In the last few years SIM has sought to return to its pioneering history of crossing barriers to reaching people with the Gospel. God is opening the door to ministry with a focus on special needs families. People are coming to our school, camp and churches for help. Our missionary team is seeing the need and desires to reach out to this forgotten and underserved community. We are excited about all of these new opportunities and people that God is bringing our way!

How does your partnership with Calvary help you be more effective in your work?

Growing up at Calvary I saw how committed the church was to the task of missions and also to its missionaries. You, the church, have faithfully prayed for, encouraged and financially supported us since we left for Bolivia. We continue to value the partnership and knowing that we were commissioned by Calvary and are still being taken care of today. This brings a sense of peace and stability that we know God provides for us. God answers prayers and the battle is spiritual, so your prayers for us and our ministry is where a lot of the work takes place. Thank you for your prayers!

How can people stay connected with you and your ministry, e.g. email newsletter, blog, social media?

You can write us at or . We would be happy to add you to our email prayer letter. And you can look for us on Facebook.