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Local partners making Jesus Christ known.



Children: Scott and Amy (both married & living in California)

Location: Cary, NC

Time of service: Since 1986

Agency: TWR (Trans World Radio)

How has God brought you to where you are today?

Back in 1986, just about the time we were married, we clearly felt God’s direction to join the ministry of TWR. At that time, I was living in Chicago and attending Calvary, and Jeannine was living in California. We got married and traveled across the country to New Jersey to begin Tim’s work with TWR. We had no idea at that time that it would become a lifetime commitment. More than 30 years later, we are excited to be a part of TWR’s global ministry.

What is God doing in your immediate context?

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve in a ministry that is using mass media to reach the world for Christ in more than 230 languages and dialects. In Tim’s role as International Ministry VP – North America, he has the privilege of working closely with TWR leadership from around the world. We know from the stories we receive that God continues to use media – both radio and digital media – to touch the lives of men and women around the world. Jeannine is able to use her gifts as a graphic designer to help tell the story of TWR.

How does your partnership with Calvary help you be more effective in your work?

We are thankful for Calvary’s faithful prayer support for us over these many years. Since Tim grew up at Calvary and attended there for 20+ years before joining TWR, Calvary was an important part of his life and the life of his family for many years. Even though none of the family is still in the Oak Park area, we are grateful for Calvary’s continuing emphasis on missions and your prayer support for us.

How can people stay connected with you and your ministry, e.g. email newsletter, blog, social media?

You can learn more about TWR at – or find ministry content in more than 50 languages at or by downloading the TWR360 app.

We can both be followed on Facebook at and