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Sunday, June 30 | Fourth Sunday After Pentecost


"God Of Our Salvation" | Words and Music by Phil Wickham | Congregational

"New Doxology" | Words and Music by Thomas Ken and Thomas Miller | Congregational

Congregational Reading | I Peter 1:17-19

"Shed For Me" | Words and Music by Josh Caterer | Congregational




Giving is a vital expression of worship. Today we give cheerfully and generously.

Welcome and Announcements |  Jonathan Cummings, Executive Pastor

"One Step Closer To Home" | Words and Music By Josh Caterer | Congregational 



Children's Blessing & Dismissal

Children in grades 3-5 will come forward for a blessing and will be dismissed to their classes through the East doors.




"Steady On: By Faith" | Hebrews 11:1-7 | Gerald Hiestand, Senior Pastor


Responding & Sending

At the Benediction we are sent on mission into the world.


Song of Response

The Benediction | Gerald Hiestand, Senior Pastor


This Guide is available to help you and your family prepare for the Sunday services. Review it ahead of time, access it on your device while at church, or print it and bring it with you.