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Global partners making Jesus Christ known around the world.



Children: Carl, Natasha and Nathaniel

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Time of service: Since 1982

Agency: Global Outreach

How has God brought you to where you are today?

Since coming to Spain in 1982 we have led and taught worship, music, and prayer at Bible colleges, youth retreats, and leadership seminars in Spain, Ukraine, and Romania. We have mentored leaders who start churches, founded youth ministries, lead restoration ministries and prayer initiatives. We have an ongoing hospitality ministry, reach out to the poor of our community, and regularly care for immigrants of other faiths. God has sovereignly sustained us through very difficult periods of life and ministry and has enabled us to be fruitful even at this later stage of life and ministry, for which we are profoundly thankful. Our gifting, calling, and passion is to communicate the Gospel effectively to the post-modern and multicultural peoples of Spain.

What is God doing in your immediate context?

At the present time, in our current context, we are

· Evangelizing and discipling some of our neighbors and long-time contacts in our town.
· Caring for immigrants of other faiths.
· Reaching out to and helping the poor of our community.
· Teaching and practicing focused, in depth prayer for wounded, broken people . . . . by way of the following:

· Professionally translating into Spanish key books and materials for the prayer ministry.
· Founding and guiding small prayer groups in a 16 week experience of training in prayer.
· Doing weekend prayer retreats for small groups and churches requesting teaching and modeling of effective prayer in their lives.
· Mentoring key leaders in prayer ministry.
· Sending key leaders to seminary training for prayer ministry.

How does your partnership with Calvary help you be more effective in your work?

Since Calvary is our home and therefore sending church, we personally feel upheld by the spiritual, congregational and financial support, with all that that represents. Our ears are open to the church’s voice as together we partner in moving out into a lost world in desperate need of the message of the Gospel. In this way our hearts and our hands are reassured as we work daily carrying out our Great Commission mandate here in Spain. Calvary matters!

How can people stay connected with you and your ministry, e.g. email newsletter, blog, social media?

Norman Bowman | 

Gwen Bowman | 

Global Outreach – P. O. Box 1 – Tupelo, MS 38802

We look forward to hearing from any and all who would like more information or to stand with us in prayer as we move forward an all that God is doing in our ministry in Spain.  Please use the email addresses above.