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Become a Buddy

Take the first step in helping those with special needs

As we strive to meet the needs of Calvary’s children with special needs (and their families) we recognize that Special Needs Buddies can play an invaluable role. These individuals provide assistance, support and friendship to the children they serve, so the child’s entire family may participate fully as members of the church body.

We focus on assigning Buddies to children who regularly participate in our Calvary Kids classes and whose families have requested assistance. God willing, we will expand into student and adult ministires.

More than an Aid

The bond between our very first participating student and his Buddy


  • Prioritize personal relationship with Christ, making every attempt to attend worship services weekly.
  • Pray regularly for assigned child and the child’s family.
  • Attend all applicable training sessions.
  • Commit to serve in the classroom with assigned child on a regular basis (every week, every other week). In some cases a Buddy relationship may be necessary only for a short period of time: as a child transitions to a new class, for instance.
  • Communicate regularly with the Calvary Kids Children’s Director, classroom leaders and parents to ensure a successful experience for the child.


  • Calvary Member/Attender age 16 or older.
  • Complete Calvary Kids Volunteer Application process, including background check and personal recommendations.
  • Possess a heart for children and specifically a desire to assist a child in coming to know, love and serve God.
  • Dependable
  • Teachable. Willing to learn the unique needs of their assigned child and the methods to appropriately assist them.
  • Ability to see beyond a child’s disability. Looks beyond what the child is unable to do and sees what they can do.
  • Displays integrity, sensitivity and confidentiality. Treats each child and family with respect.


These will vary depending on the needs of the specific child.
  • Provide necessary physical assistance for mobility, seating, and classroom activities.
  • Assist with self-help skills such as eating, wiping mouth, toileting (female volunteers only), according to church guidelines.
  • Use appropriate behavior management techniques specific to the student (Guidance will be provided by parents and Calvary Kids staff).
  • Learn how the child communicates and assist in his or her communication with others.
  • Encourage child to participate in all aspects of the class.
  • Encourage social interactions among classmates.
  • Be a friend to the student—someone that he or she looks forward to seeing each week.

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