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Lucas and Jamie O

Global partners making Jesus Christ known around the world.



Children: Sam, Sophie, Daniel, Peter

Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Time of service: Since 2008

Agency: InterAct Ministries (

How has God brought you to where you are today?

During our college years, God placed a passion in our hearts for unreached people groups. And after we learned that there were actually people living in Siberia (not just ice and snow), we spent a summer in Siberia and sensed God’s calling to go long-term to work among the indigenous people of Russia.

What is God doing in your immediate context?

God has regularly been placing us in strategic relationships that we could have never planned. We see God using these relationship to train up leaders and missionaries in the Russian church to go and reached the unreached people groups within their country.

How does your partnership with Calvary help you be more effective in your work?

One word: prayer-- especially in the freezing, dark winters of Siberia, when we are exhausted and ministry seems overwhelming.. Without fail, God sends us encouragement through little things and often those little things are reminders that we have people who are regularly praying for our family and ministry.

How can people stay connected with you and your ministry, e.g. email newsletter, blog, social media?

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