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Pastor Todd Wilson

Another Posture for PrayerPastor Todd WilsonColossians 4:2-4
A Neglected Path to Knowing GodPastor Todd WilsonPsalm 139
More GracePastor Todd WilsonJames 4:1-10
Wisdom's WayPastor Todd WilsonJames 3:13-18
The End of Easy-BelievismPastor Todd WilsonJames 2:14-26
Discrimination, the Arc of History, and the Lord of GloryPastor Todd WilsonJames 2:1-13
A Warning to the ReligiousPastor Todd WilsonJames 1:26-27
Testing & Temptation: The Two Sides of Every TrialPastor Todd WilsonJames 1:12-18
Trials: God's Everyday Tools to Shape Everyday FaithPastor Todd WilsonJames 1:2-11
Everyday FaithPastor Todd WilsonJames 1:1
Rest for the Restless, Part IIPastor Todd WilsonMark 5:20
The Gift of the Son: Prince of PeacePastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 9:1-7
The Gift of the Son: Everlasting FatherPastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 9:1-7
The Gift of the Son: Mighty GodPastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 9:1-7
The gift of the Son: Wonderful CounselorPastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 9:1-7
Kingdom PartnershipsPastor Todd WilsonPhilippians 1:3-11
Waiting Patiently for Everlasting JoyPastor Todd WilsonRomans 8:18-30
Friendship, Celibacy, and Same-Sex RelationshipsPastor Todd Wilson1 Samuel 18:1-5
What is Sex For?Pastor Todd WilsonGenesis 1:26-31
One FleshPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 2:18-25
Male, Female, and the Imago DeiPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 1:26-27
The Sexuality of JesusPastor Todd WilsonHebrews 2:14-18
Why Mere SexualityPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 6:9-11
Let Treasure LeadPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 6:19-21
The Word that WorksPastor Todd Wilson1 Thessalonians 2:13-16
Inventive EncouragementPastor Todd WilsonHebrews 10:19-25
Rest for the RestlessPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 11:25-30
Avoiding a Gospel RestartPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 16
Calvary at 100: Always AboundingPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 15:58
Christ the FirstfruitsPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 15
What to Do with Difficult PassagesPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 14:26-40
Why Do We Gather?Pastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 14
Seeing God through the Gifts of the SpiritPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 12
Wear Your Gender WellPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 11
When It's Best Not to Come to ChurchPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Dangerous FreedomPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 10
Give Up Rights to Advance the GospelPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 9:1-15
This I BelievePastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 15:1-10
Content in Your CallingPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 7:6-40
Sexual Intimacy, Mutuality and MarriagePastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 7:1-5
Why Saints Shouldn’t Sue One AnotherPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 6:1-11
When It's Okay To JudgePastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 5
How Should You View Your Pastor?Pastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 3-4
The Mind of ChristPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16
UnityPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 1:10-17
GratitudePastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 1:4-9
IdentityPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 1:1-3
Gospel RestartPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 3:1-3
Missional God: MessiahPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 1:18-25
Missional God: WaitingPastor Todd WilsonMalachi 4
Missional God: ReturnPastor Todd WilsonEzra 3:8-13
Missional God: ExilePastor Todd Wilson2 Chronicles 36
Missional God: ConquestPastor Todd WilsonJoshua 11:16-23
Missional God: WildernessPastor Todd WilsonExodus 32-34
Missional God: SinaiPastor Todd WilsonExodus 19
Missional God: ExodusPastor Todd WilsonExodus 14
Missional God: The FloodPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 6-8
Missional God: FallPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 3
Missional God: CreationPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 1:1-2:4
Missional God: ScripturePastor Todd WilsonLuke 24:13-35
Delight in the Law of the LordPastor Todd WilsonPsalm 1
Small Groups: You Won't Go to Heaven Without OnePastor Todd WilsonHebrews 3:7-9
Giving Your First and Best: How to Honor the Lord with WealthPastor Todd WilsonProverbs 3:9-10
A Dangerous CallingPastor Todd Wilson1 Timothy 4:11-16
What Be Good Thoughts of Self?Pastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 4:1-5
Tested Genuineness and Its RewardPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:3-9
Covert Kindness UnleashedPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 6:1-4
Status Anxiety's Only CurePastor Todd WilsonJohn 12:36-43
A Real Ingredient in the Divine HappinessPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 25:14-30
The Lawful Pleasure of PraisePastor Todd WilsonRomans 2:1-11
How Can God Praise Sinners?Pastor Todd WilsonJude 1:24-25
Five Facts About Final JudgmentPastor Todd WilsonRevelation 20:11-15
The Future Grace of the Final JudgmentPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:13-21
Just the Beginning of GospelPastor Todd WilsonMark 16:1-8
A Cursed Tree, a Cleansed Temple and a New Covenant CommunityPastor Todd WilsonMark 11:1-25
A Resurrection PreviewPastor Todd WilsonMark 9:1-13
Ritual Purity vs. Gospel PurityPastor Todd WilsonMark 7:1-23
The Lesson of the LoavesPastor Todd WilsonMark 6:30-52
The Fate of the FaithfulPastor Todd WilsonMark 6:1-28
The School of FaithPastor Todd WilsonMark 4:35-41
Parables: The Secret of the KingdomPastor Todd WilsonMark 4:1-34
Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?Pastor Todd WilsonMark 3:7-35
The Lord of the SabbathPastor Todd WilsonMark 2:23-28
Authority to ForgivePastor Todd WilsonMark 2:1-12
Fishers of MenPastor Todd WilsonMark 1:16-20
The Beginning of the GospelPastor Todd WilsonMark 1:1-15
Christmas EvePastor Todd WilsonLuke 2
The Benedictus: A Song for the Seam of HistoryPastor Todd WilsonLuke 1:57-79
Big Thing for Little PeoplePastor Todd WilsonLuke 1:46-55
God of the ImpossiblePastor Todd WilsonLuke 1:26-38
God Prepares People for HimselfPastor Todd WilsonLuke 1:5-25
Shining Like Stars on the World’s Darkest NightPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 11-12
Spiritual Battles and Earthly ConflictsPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 10
How to Plead with GodPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 9
Mission-Minded (Daniel)Pastor Todd WilsonDaniel 7:9-15
Unmasking Godless PowersPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 7
The Reason For the Writing On the WallPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 5
Heaven RulesPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 4
God’s Deliverance From Affliction’s FurnacePastor Todd WilsonDaniel 3
The Revealer of MysteriesPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 2
God's Counterintuitive Path to VictoryPastor Todd WilsonDaniel 1
Life With God: A Few BasicsPastor Todd WilsonPsalm 119:147
Why Small Groups: Caring for the Blood-BoughtPastor Todd WilsonActs 20:17-38
Press On to Know the LordPastor Todd WilsonHosea 6:1-3
The Church as Bride: Preparing To Meet JesusPastor Todd WilsonRevelation 21:1-4
The Church as City: A Celebration of LifePastor Todd WilsonHebrews 12:18-24
The Church as Exiles: Life on the MarginsPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:1-2
The Church as Temple: A Dwelling Place for GodPastor Todd WilsonEphesians 2:11-22
The Church as Body: An Every Member MinistryPastor Todd Wilson1 Corinthians 12:12-27
The Church as Family: Focus on the FamilyPastor Todd WilsonMark 3:31-34
Out Giving Bill GatesPastor Todd WilsonMark 12:41-44
Mothers in God's MissionPastor Todd WilsonLuke 1:46-55
The Call of Jesus in a World of ComparisonsPastor Todd WilsonJohn 21:20-25
Everyday EncountersPastor Todd WilsonJohn 21:1-14
How Jesus Deals with DoubtPastor Todd WilsonJohn 20:24-31
The DisciplesPastor Todd WilsonJohn 20:19-23
Come and See: ResurrectionPastor Todd WilsonJohn 20:1-11
Rejoicing, Weeping and Shouting at DeathPastor Todd WilsonJohn 11
A Responsible Leader in an Irresponsible WorldPastor Todd WilsonJohn 10:1-21
An Enacted Parable of the Son's MissionPastor Todd WilsonJohn 9
The Benefits of AbidingPastor Todd WilsonJohn 8:31-38
What Jesus Believes About UnbeliefPastor Todd WilsonJohn 6:16-71
The Worship-Creating SonPastor Todd WilsonJohn 4:1-26
Religion Reformed - And EndedPastor Todd WilsonJohn 2:13-22
150 Gallons of GracePastor Todd WilsonJohn 2:1-11
Come and SeePastor Todd WilsonJohn 1:43-51
Jesus DiesPastor Todd WilsonHebrews 2:5-9
What Christmas Taught ChristPastor Todd WilsonHebrews 5:7-10
The Gift That Keeps On GivingPastor Todd WilsonHebrews 4:14-16
Jesus Isn't SupermanPastor Todd WilsonHebrews 2:14-18
God Intends It For GoodPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 50:15-21
Love's DelayPastor Todd WilsonJohn 11:5-6
Seeing Beauty Amidst BrokennessPastor Todd WilsonJohn 9:1-7
Unruly Nature: Is This My Father's World?Pastor Todd WilsonJob 37:1-13
O Felix Culpa!Pastor Todd WilsonGenesis 3:1-9
Love's TriumphPastor Todd WilsonRevelation 21:1-4
Crucified LovePastor Todd WilsonRomans 8:31-39
What's the Good that Love Gives?Pastor Todd WilsonRomans 8:26-30
Everything?Pastor Todd WilsonRomans 8:28
Sing A New SongPastor Todd WilsonRevelation 5
Unify to GlorifyPastor Todd WilsonRomans 15:1-6
The Lord Will ProvidePastor Todd WilsonGenesis 22:1-14
The Fight of FaithPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 15:1-6
When Faith Takes a NosedivePastor Todd WilsonGenesis 12:10-20
Faith is a VerbivorePastor Todd WilsonGenesis 12:1-9
Faith's Mad Adventure BeginsPastor Todd WilsonGenesis 11:27-12:9
Excel in the Grace of GivingPastor Todd Wilson2 Corinthians 1:1-7
Forgive Sin EndlesslyPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 18:21-35
Confront Sin FaithfullyPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 18:15-20
Pursue Sinners RecklesslyPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 18:10-14
Take Sin Seriously Pastor Todd WilsonMatthew 18:1-9
Just the BeginningPastor Todd WilsonMark 16:1-8
Are You Real?Pastor Todd Wilson2 Corinthians 13:1-10
Perfected LovePastor Todd Wilson1 John 4:8-21
Perseverance is ProofPastor Todd Wilson2 Timothy 4:6-8
Hunger: An Earnest Beggar for GracePastor Todd WilsonPsalm 63
Christ-Likeness: The Whole Image of Christ Upon YouPastor Todd WilsonColossians 3:12-17
Contrition: The Gospel EmotionPastor Todd WilsonPsalm 51
Meekness: The Lamblike Disposition of JesusPastor Todd WilsonLuke 5:1-12
Humility: Brokenhearted JoyPastor Todd WilsonLuke 7:36-50
New Sight: Seeing the Glory of God in the Face of Jesus ChristPastor Todd Wilson2 Corinthians 3:12-4:6
New Birth: Recreated by the Spirit's PresencePastor Todd WilsonJohn 3:1-8
Getting to the Heart of Real: The Reality of a New HeartPastor Todd WilsonEzekiel 36:22-32
Get Real! Why Real Really MattersPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 13:1-30
The Key of DavidPastor Todd WilsonRevelation 3:7-8
DayspringPastor Todd WilsonLuke 1:57-80
EmmanuelPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 1:18-23
Gapless ChurchPastor Todd WilsonJudges 2:6-15
Religion That's Worth SomethingPastor Todd WilsonJames 1:19-27
Boast in Nothing but the CrossPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 6:11-18
Burden-Bearing, Part 2: Pay Your PastorPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 6:6-10
The Spirit-Led Community in Action: Burden-Bearing, Part 1Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 6:1-5
The Sufficiency of the SpiritPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 5:16-26
Through Love Serve One AnotherPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 5:13-15
Faithful PresencePastor Todd WilsonJohn 1:14
What's the Main Thing?Pastor Todd WilsonRomans 1:1-7
Free to Run!Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 5:7-12
What Ultimately Counts?Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 5:1-6
Imitation is the Solution Part 1Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 4:12-20
Turning Back Isn't The Way ForwardPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 4:8-11
Adoption As SonsPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 4:1-7
Heirs According To PromisePastor Todd WilsonGalatians 3:23-29
Why Then The Law?Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 3:15-22
From An Empty Tomb To Easter FaithPastor Todd WilsonMark 16:1-8
How Deep The Father’s Love For Us! (Good Friday)Pastor Todd WilsonMark 14:32-15:47
The Untriumphal Entry Pastor Todd WilsonMark 11:1-10
Clearing the Way for God's BlessingPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 3:10-14
Abraham's BlessingPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 3:6-9
There's Only One Way to FinishPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 3:1-5
Cruciformity: The Shape of Gospel-Rooted LivingPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 2:17-21
The Truth of the GospelPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 2:15-16
Stay in Step with the Truth of the GospelPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 2:11-14
Remember the PoorPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 2:10
Seeing GracePastor Todd WilsonGalatians 2:1-10
You Are Your Best ArgumentPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 1:11-24
People Pleaser or Servant of Christ?Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 1:10
Apostolic Astonishment!Pastor Todd WilsonGalatians 1:6-9
Go Back to GracePastor Todd WilsonGalatians 1:1-5
Gospel Rooted Living: Reading of the book of GalatiansPastor Todd WilsonGalatians 1-6
Glory You Can TouchPastor Todd WilsonJohn 1:14-18
Reject or Receive the True Light?Pastor Todd WilsonJohn 1:9-13
You're Not the LightPastor Todd WilsonJohn 1:6-8
Unconquerable LightPastor Todd WilsonJohn 1:1-5
A Prison BeattitudePastor Todd WilsonMatthew 11:1-6
What More Can God Say?Pastor Todd WilsonHebrews 1:1-4
A God-Centered Vision of PoliticsPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 22:15-22
Mission-MindedPastor Todd WilsonJohn 20:19-23
Community-EngagedPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 5:13-16
Discipleship-FocusedPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 28:16-20
God-CenteredPastor Todd WilsonRomans 11:33-36
Gospel-RootedPastor Todd WilsonEphesians 2:4-6
Communion of SaintsPastor Todd Wilson1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5
Glorifying God with Our TalentsPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 4:10-11
Glorifying God with Our TreasurePastor Todd Wilson1 Timothy 6:17-19
Glorifying God with Our TimePastor Todd WilsonEphesians 5:15-16
The Spirit of AdoptionPastor Todd WilsonRomans 8:12-17
Living in Light of the EndPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 4:7-11
Engage in the BattlePastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 5:8-11
The Stability of Your Times (Part 2)Pastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 33:1-6
The Stability of Your TimesPastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 33:1-6
Humility and AnxietyPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 5:6-11
Arm YourselvesPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:4-6
Fearless FearPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 3:13-22
Bless to Obtain A BlessingPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 3:8-12
A Word to HusbandsPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 3:7
Won Without a WordPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 3:1-6
God Gave Him Glory! (Easter)Pastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:20-21
He Himself Bore Our Sins (Good Friday)Pastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 2:24-25
Proclaiming God's Excellencies in the Public SquarePastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 2:13-17
Proclaiming God's ExcellenciesPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 2:9-12
Living StonesPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 2:4-10
Encountering Christ in the PewPastor Todd WilsonIsaiah 66:1-2
Encountering Christ from the PulpitPastor Todd WilsonDeuteronomy 32:1-2
Long FerventlyPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 2:1-3
Gospel LovePastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:22-25
Be HolyPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:14-21
Hope Fully Pastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:13
Rejoice - Your Faith is Being RefinedPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:6-9
Bless God - You're Born AgainPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:3-5
Elect ExilesPastor Todd Wilson1 Peter 1:1-2
I Have Come to Bear Witness to the TruthPastor Todd WilsonJohn 18:37-39
I Have Come as LightPastor Todd WilsonJohn 12:44-46
I Have Come to Bring a SwordPastor Todd WilsonMatthew 10:34-39