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Family of God on Mission


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That the World May Know That We Are One


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The Gospel of Luke: Encountering Jesus


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Visions of Justice: From the Minor Prophets


Missional God


Leviticus: To Know and Be Known


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Finding Our Voice

Responses to God in the Psalms


Focus on Discipleship

One Another: The Growth of the Family of God on MissionPastor Jonathan CummingsJan 27, 2019Ephesians 4:1-16
Created to Need LovePastor Jonathan CummingsSep 23, 2018Genesis 2:4-24
God Shows No PartialityPastor Jonathan CummingsJul 8, 2018Matthew 19:30-20:28
Lord, Save Me!Pastor Jonathan CummingsMay 27, 2018Matthew 14:13-36
Good Friday: Christ the Stricken KingPastor Jonathan CummingsMar 30, 2018Matthew 27
Jesus Goes PublicPastor Jonathan CummingsJan 28, 2018Matthew 4:12-25
A Missionary's Memory of the Local ChurchPastor Jonathan CummingsNov 5, 2017Philippians 1:3-11
Unity in the Midst of SufferingPastor Jonathan CummingsMar 5, 2017Philippians 2:1-11
That the World May Know That We Are One (Part II)Pastor Jonathan CummingsNov 13, 2016John 17:20-23
Be Slow to SpeakPastor Jonathan CummingsJun 12, 2016James 3:1-12
Post-Easter InstructionsPastor Jonathan CummingsApr 10, 2016Acts 1:1-11
It Will Cost You EverythingPastor Jonathan CummingsFeb 21, 2016Luke 14
Jesus' Joy in His Father's Hiding & RevealingPastor Jonathan CummingsFeb 7, 2016Luke 10
He Is the OnePastor Jonathan CummingsJan 24, 2016Luke 7
Rejected at HomePastor Jonathan CummingsJan 10, 2016Luke 4:14-30
The Child and the TemplePastor Jonathan CummingsDec 27, 2015Luke 2
Unfinished Task: Where Christ is Not KnownPastor Jonathan CummingsNov 8, 2015Romans 15:8-21
A Hopeful VisionPastor Jonathan CummingsJul 12, 2015Habakkuk 3
Missional God: East of EdenPastor Jonathan CummingsOct 5, 2014Genesis 4-5
Knowing the God Who PromisesPastor Jonathan CummingsAug 10, 2014Leviticus 26:40-45
Knowing the God Who SeesPastor Jonathan CummingsJul 27, 2014Leviticus 19:9-18
The Blood of the CovenantPastor Jonathan CummingsApr 17, 2014Mark 14:12-25
Healing Goes ViralPastor Jonathan CummingsJan 19, 2014Mark 1:21-45
A Voice of LamentPastor Jonathan CummingsJul 14, 2013Psalm 13
God-Fearing DiscipleshipPastor Jonathan CummingsAug 7, 2011Proverbs 1:1-7