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High School

Faith seeking understanding


Student Bible Fellowship

The complexity of our world calls the church to provide a context for our high school students to think critically, ask persistently, and love deeply. Our goal is to develop students who love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and love their neighbor as themselves.

During this time, we will discuss the foundations of a Christian theology, learn the interpretative tools to read God’s word, and teach an introduction to major worldviews.




The high school ministry at Calvary Memorial Church seeks to be a leader in our community in providing the next generation with a place to find wise, humble, and godly mentors. Each night, we are committed to providing a place for students to personally grow in their faith through meaningful relationships. In Oak Park, we have the blessing to do that in the midst of racial and ethnic diversity. We believe that this type of diversity will ultimately allow our students to wrestle with their commitments to God’s kingdom. 



The Next Big Thing

Monthly Events

There’s always something fun coming up.


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Our Story

We have taken an exciting turn in the last few years to more closely reflect the diversity, beauty, and complexity of Oak Park. Learn more about our after-school program, mentors and basketball team.


A variety of factors culminated in an after-school program at the church. Leaders and students tell about the transformation.

The high school ministry thrives because of the committment of its leaders. Meet the people that make it happen.