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What controls your choices, and what are the consequences? What kind of woman are you becoming or have you become? Dr. de Rosset explores the concept of dignity and specific marks of the dignified, biblically and theologically grounded woman.


Half of us are simply born into it—the huge array of expectations of what it means to be a woman. In current culture, we too often assume lightweight views of womanhood as we place looks and desirability, even personal happiness above the more enduring traits of self-knowledge, theological thinking and dignity. We live divided and distracted lives, letting our bodies and minds drift to opposite poles while trading our pursuit of God for tamer, lesser loves. We sell ourselves short.

Dignity is not the same thing as poise, as beauty, as style; it’s a strong, deliberate way of life, one that takes Christian thinking into our choices, starting young with how we view our bodies, who and why we date, our sexual choices and our friendships but also including our entertainment, our reading, even how we relate to technology.

All women welcome. Dining room.

Nursery is provided, but please provide breakfast for your children beforehand.


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