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Young Life USA Camp

Friday, June 28, 2019, 12:00 AM - Thursday, July 25, 2019, 12:00 AM

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Bringing Missions Into Your Own Home

In the summer of 2018, six Calvary families—in partnership with Community Fellowship Church in West Chicago—hosted Young Life students from Catalunya (Catalonia) & Andorra, Spain. The experience was such a positive one, that we are eager to offer this opportunity to our congregation again for Summer 2019.

If you are interested in learning more about what it means to be a Host Family, read on below, and be sure to sign up to be included in future information updates.

We are still in need of 2019 host families. Please click on the "I am interested in learning more" link below and we will follow up with sign up information.


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What is Young Life USA Camp? 

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Young Life USA camp is a 3 1/2 week program offered to Spanish teens, ages 15-18. They live with an American host family for 2 1/2 weeks and spend 1 week at Young Life's Timberwolf camp.

This program is a great opportunity to bring the mission field into your own home. As you open your home to these students, they have the opportunity to experience first-hand the amazing, unconditional love of Christ.


What are the requirements for Host Families?

  1. An adult must be home during the day with the student in order to provide him/her with the best experience possible.
  2. While not required, it is optimal if there is a teenager living in the home so that they may relate to one another and build a friendship.
  3. Live in close proximity to the other Host Families so that transportation and weekly group activities are easier to coordinate.
  4. Have an openness to "adopting" this student as a part of the family while in country and maintaining the relationship once they return to Spain.


What are the responsibilities of the Host Families?

  1. Food and housing: Provide meals, a comfortable home, and a bed.
  2. Transportation: Families will provide transportation throughout the student's visit, taking them to and from group activities, for example. Carpooling can be arranged with other host families.
  3. Provide Access to laundry
  4. Good care and a loving atmosphere:You are encouraged to involve your student in your normal family life as you work to integrate this new important guest into your home and family. While you will not be responsible for planning activities to entertain your student, you may want to schedule some sightseeing opportunities and organize an activity with other host families and their students.
  5. Communication with home: Provide internet access for students to communicate with their families back home.


Will I receive training?

  1. Families will be required to attend a training/orientation session. This session will help participating host families understand some of the differences between Catalunya, Spain, and the United States. Learning how to relate to teens from different backgrounds and cultures is of vital importance for the success of the YL USA Camp program.
  2. Dates for the 2019 training have not yet been set, but will take place in May, 2019?


What are the 2019 dates?

Dates for the 2019 trip are June 28 - July 25. Families will host their student(s) from June 28 - July 7 and July 13 - 25. The students will be at Timberwolf YL Camp (MI) from July 8 - 13.


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Questions? Please contact Leslie Hesterman