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"Created to Need" Sermon Series

Every Sunday from 09/09/2018 to 10/28/2018

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Sundays at Calvary | 9:00 & 10:45AM

Our fall sermon series is called "Created to Need" and will explore what it means to be human—the deepest needs we have, and where we look to have our needs met. Where do we find love? Where do we find dignity? Purpose? Hope? The Christian faith has profound answers to these basic questions. Throughout the series we’ll look to the book of Genesis for God’s ancient wisdom about our deepest longings, and challenge our thinking about the ways we often seek to meet our deepest needs in ways that can never fully satisfy. This is a great sermon series for someone exploring the Christian faith, so bring a family member, friend or neighbor!


Pastor Gerald and Pastor Josh have collaborated on a song for our new Created to Need series. Download it today & enjoy hearing the themes of this series set to music. 

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