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the promises of god

Tested Texts: Vol 4

Why Memorize Scripture?


Scripture memorization is believed by many to be essential to the Christian life. At Calvary, we have decided to go about this process congregationally for the next year. We believe it will enhance the life of our church in many ways. Our purpose is “Making Jesus Christ known in Oak Park and Around the World,” and we believe Scripture memorization is an integral part of that process for a few reasons.

In order to make Jesus Christ known, we must know him.

God has principally revealed himself to his people in his Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, that which the Christian tradition has called “the only rule of faith and practice.” The Apostle Paul urges Timothy to continue in his practice of searching the “sacred writings” in order that he might grow up to spiritual maturity. Paul grounds his command in the claim that “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness.” In short, God’s Word is the lifeblood of every Christian. Calvary has long prioritized the Bible and held fast to its authority, and we believe that this initiative resonates with that tradition of our church.

In order to make Jesus Christ known, we must be a congregation of true worshippers

This goal necessitates we move beyond mere cognitive understanding of the Scriptures to a fully developed and vibrant spiritual existence grounded in God’s Word. Beyond merely reading or reciting God’s Word, we let it take root in our hearts; we meditate upon it and ask the Holy Spirit to transform us as the Scriptures renew our minds. The congregation that knows Jesus Christ in this way is ready to make him known.

In order to make Jesus Christ known, we want to know precisely how we ought to speak of him.

If we enrich our spiritual lives with Scripture, we believe the goodness and grace of God will always be on the “tip of our tongues.” We will be happy to speak of him to our neighbors, co-workers and anyone we meet. Moreover, planting God’s Word in our hearts will give us God’s vocabulary to speak of himself, and we can be sure that we are true and authentic heralds of the king in our community.


Our Tested Text theme this year is “The Promises of God.” Each passage in this series has been carefully selected from both the Old and New Testament in order to anchor us to the promises of God found in Scripture. Memorize these passages of Scripture with us each month, and discover how our God is faithful to all his promises.

Each month we will release a free song for you to download. Each of these songs have been written by our Worship Pastor, Josh Caterer, in order to help you and your children memorize these promises of God. Visit this webpage each month to find out what the new Scripture memory text is and to download the companion song with the text.

Scripture Memory Song

  • Oct | Isa 40 | "He Gives Power to the Faint" | Download

Most Recent Reflections

Each month one of our ministry staff will write a reflection on the passage. View these reflections and use this page to aid you in the memory process.