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Local partners making Jesus Christ known.



Children: Victoria, Diane Bell and Natalie

Location: Illinois and Indiana

Time of service: Since 1982

Agency: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

How has God brought you to where you are today?

College was a profound time for Kathleen and I. We met as students, and came to faith as students. Kathleen went to Urbana 79 and we subsequently went on a summer missions trip. After graduation we joined InterVarsity - and God has continued to reaffirm our call to minister to students in the USA and Europe through them.

What is God doing in your immediate context?

God is continuing to call InterVarsity to be a multiethnic ministry that stands firm for the Gospel on the college campuses of the USA, despite increased opposition. Specifically, He is leading  the staff I supervise to plant ministry to International Students at Purdue University - part of our effort to reach all segments of the University.

How does your partnership with Calvary help you be more effective in your work?

Calvary has been a huge prayer and financial support to us. I was privileged to have an office at Calvary for 16 years. Calvary members have provided accountability, resources, housing and all sorts of practical help for our ministry. 

How can people stay connected with you and your ministry, e.g. email newsletter, blog, social media?

Through e-mail, Facebook and through our bimonthly newsletter. Or - you can find us in the Balcony most Sundays! 708/269-1552 (Office and Mobile), .